One Door
When a dead man finds himself in a space between life and death, littered with the forsaken doors of his desolate past, an unlikely drifter guides him to the one door that leads to life.
Writing my first screenplay was quite a challenge, but extremely rewarding. Placing our protagonist in a situation that challenged his willpower was a matter of trial and error. What would his motivation be? How we he solve his own problems? I reached out to Janine Gilbert, award winning screenwriter of the 2012 film Charly, for direction in developing Jack to be relatable and compelling with the capacity to change.
Director: Dallin Nead
Writer: Dallin Nead, Danno Ard
DP: Levi Jensen
Colorist: Jaaron Eller
Visual Effects Artist: Jared Erickson
Gaffer: Porter Justus
PA: Dan Taylor, JR Timothy, Jordan Hansen, Tyler Clay
Editor: Dallin Nead, Devin Collins
Designer, Story Consultant: Nial Spencer
Production Sound Mixer: Justin Dial
Stars: Dayne Rockwood, J Omar Hansen, Courtney Scott, Samuel Moon, Lori Prescott Hansen, Erica Stallings, Trevor Hill, Sarah Dahl, Camilla Martinez, David A. Martinez, Nick Kanios, Aletha Mae, Katelyn Moon, Josh Crandall, Tatiana Crandall

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