Iron Nial HUD - Final
The tutorials out on Youtube did a poor job of explaining what I was trying to produce. Only having a brief knowledge of After Effects, I dove into the software to learn tracking, 3D space and compositing.  In the end, I discovered various ways of recreating the Iron Man HUD in After Effects.

The very basic components needed in order to start the design process were footage of a head and a HUD to animate. My friend Nial was the perfect subject for the head component.

The Head
We shot on a black backdrop using a Canon 60D, Canon 50mm F/1.8 and continuous lighting at the BYU-Idaho Photo Lab. Since we were only focusing on the HUD, no script was written and instead we focused solely on eye movement.
Iron Nial HUD - Original Footage
For the HUD, we used Adobe Illustrator to design an extremely basic, barebones version of the HUD to focus on the animation and tracking elements. If the tests were successful, we would move on and focus on a more advanced design, script and story. 
Iron Nial HUD
The result was more remarkable than I originally anticipated. However, I realized that the HUD was off in regards to the 3D space of Nial’s head. It would move left to right, up and down, but it never grew or decreased in size as it moved around his head. 3D space is a new element to me that I am going to study more in the future.

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