Team Role
As a Product Designer on the BYU-Idaho student team, I had an idea for an app that would allow you to capture a picture of the wall you wanted to paint, outline the desired paint area with a tool similar to the lasso tool in Photoshop, use the Glidden color palette to change the color of the wall in real time, and send the color straight to Walmart for pickup.
Unknown Solution
At the time, I scoured the web for a number of apps that did just what I wanted but found nothing. It wasn’t until I asked a number of students in the Interior Design Department that I fully realized the need and desire for an app just like this. I built a proof of concept using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. The concept would become a 30 second pitch video used at the AAF state competition.
Glidden Recognition
Though our campaign did not place in the state competition, the Glidden Paint App concept received recognition from the panel of judges and a number of audience members. The concept was even used by Glidden to create a working product called Room Visualizer. Try it out here: Glidden Room Visualizer

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