Hey, I’m Danno: a Designer, Developer, Producer, and Photographer.

Qualtrics Respondent Experience
Product Designer + Developer
DOMO Guerilla Application
Glidden Paint App
Product Designer + Motion Designer
DU Fitness
Designer + Developer
Graduation Announcement
Designer + Fabricator
Power to Become
Creative Director + Fabricator
Timbermine Website
Designer + Developer
The Haunted Swing
Producer + Sound Mixer
Deseret Book Newsletter
Designer + Developer
One Door
Producer + Writer
Soapbox Agency Booth
Designer + Project Manager
Yarrow's Boy
Producer + Production Manager
SPOT Booth
Designer + Fabricator
Resume Website
Designer + Developer
BYU-Idaho Lower Third
Motion Designer
Life of a Chocolatier
Director + Editor
Food Science Campaign
Art Direction + Motion Designer
Iron Nial HUD
Motion Designer
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